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INCLUDEnyc has been #HereForYou for 36 years. Please share how we've helped you or someone you know below.

Dionn and her son AJ

"With the knowledge INCLUDEnyc has given me, I have the power and with that power, AJ's world is changing and he's now becoming the man that I want him to be."

-Dionn, INCLUDEnyc Parent

young man walking in the subway

"Before I started working with INCLUDEnyc, I was afraid to travel anywhere by myself. Now I take the bus and train to go to work every day. If it weren't for INCLUDEnyc, I'd just be stuck in the house all day."


DaNeen and her son Isaiah

"It's really difficult when you have a child with disabilities. INCLUDEnyc can help you work through the knots and the kinks of everything and just talk it out, rant it out, cry it out."

-DaNeen, INCLUDEnyc Parent